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The SHEL Schools Roadshow

The Sport Health Education & Positive Life (S.H.E.L) school roadshow is an active, fun and educational programme working with children and young adults in schools and colleges worldwide. Our programme promotes the importance of staying active and healthy through sport and physical activity. We harness the energy and enthusiasm created by the participation of our students in thier chosen Sport/physical activity to also deliver our interactive information stations on Health, The importance of Education and Leading a positive Lifestyle.

Our qualified coaches and mentors that deliver our programme are current and ex professional athletes from a wide range of sports and physical activities. They are handpicked to offer a balance of fun, organised and informative coaching and mentoring when delivering our programme. We also attempt to recruit and place our SHEL coaches and mentors in schools within their local communities to offer a very relative experience to the participants.

An example of an available SHEL Coach

Stephen Ogunjimi – London UK
Stephen has been involved in competitive sports from the age of 10 and has competed internationally as a professional basketball player. After 20 years of schools coaching and mentoring, Stephen is also the Head coach of professional basketball team, The Essex Leopards. As well as having an extensive sporting background Stephen has also succeeded in business and offers great service of knowledge to young people turning ideas into reality through a positive lifestyle. In all ‘Coach Steve’ is an excellent all-rounder to deliver the SHEL programme to your students.

We offer a very flexible format of delivery of our SHEL programmes to accommodate the needs of the participating school or college.

How it works

1. Each school selects a sport or physical activity of which they would like to base their SHEL programme experience. Due to our large database of coaches and mentors we can accommodate most activities. Our most common selections include Athletics, Football, Basketball, street Dance, Table Tennis, Gymnastics and even Yoga!

2. Select an interactive Health message you would like delivered to your students. Saying No to Smoking, Fitness and a healthy heart, Healthy eating

All information stations are classroom based and are delivered using PowerPoint presentations combined with physical interactive games.

We use our general information and techniques when delivering our Education and Positive Life messages. These cover the importance of learning, mirroring positive people, Manners and Respect and more. We can also mould our deliverance of these topics to relate to specific hot topic issues you would like to address with your students.

3. Our Coach/ Coaches will then attend your school with a prepared roadshow relating to your choices on your specified date/dates of attendance.

On the day


Introduction of the programme
The students will initially be assembled in their classroom for an introduction to the SHEL programme and the day’s activities and format. We use this time engage the students through a quick question and answer session relative to your chosen sport or messages. We also give away a few spot prizes at this stage that really keeps the students engaged!

The students will then be rotated between each station to participate in fun drills and games in their chosen Sport as well as the classroom based SHEL Health, Education and Positive Life stations.

To finish
The roadshow will end with all students assembling back into a central area to summarise and have a last group game. There will also be prizes awarded to the keenest students at this stage as well as hand out information leaflets and resources relating to our discussion topics throughout the day.

Our most common delivery includes working with a group of 30 to 40 children (1 class) of a similar age/year group within 2 available spaces. (Sport area and a classroom).

The roadshow will last for 2 hours in all. We can also easily cater for school break periods within this time.

We also have the option to be able to have our Coach attend your school for a full day (4 hours) and interact with as many classes and students within that time. For this option each class roadshow rotation can be delivered within 1 hour to allow the participation of up to 4 classes and up to 120 students.

Due to many successful years of delivering our S.H.E.L Programme to schools and colleges worldwide We are able to offer very competitive rates that can fit into most school budgets. To receive our price list for your school district please click on the link below and enter your school details in our submission form. One of our programme coordinators will reply to your interest within 24 hours.

We look forward to providing your school and its students with the S.H.E.L Experience of a lifetime!